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Some kinda wonderful [12 Nov 2004|08:03am]
He's writing me a song...and then playing it on his guitar for me...

Yesterday was a tough day...we almost took a break...but he cried to me....a boy has never cried to me.

"I'm never leaving you"
"You don't have to hope about anything cause we're gonna make it for a long time I love you so much"

I love you bunches ;)
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Prince Charming [12 Oct 2004|08:18am]
[ mood | flirty ]

We're together now....and I like it...I like it alot ;)

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JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [14 Aug 2004|09:03am]
[ mood | excited ]

Jessica Summers is going to be the new Miss Connecticut...just you wait and see ;)

Good luck Jess!!!

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Thats hot [10 Aug 2004|05:48pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So my dad won ANOTHER contest over the radio again...lets hope he keeps this one. Last 2 times that he won he won 2 trips to the bahamas...sold those. And then something else but I forget.

This time he won a 2 night in a hotel trip to Chicago, for 2 with $200 spending money, and a night at the house of blues with Destinys Child, Eve, Jessica Simpson, Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Maroon 5, The Hives, Kayne West, Switchfoot, Joss Stone, Jkwon and more...September 17th-19th...definetly going to that shit...plus I get to miss school...even better :)

Next Wednesday Courtney and I are going to pick Amanda up in PLymouth...I'll find out Friday when I can do it.

Later Gator ;)

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[06 Aug 2004|07:01pm]
Yea so anyways, I got my senior pictures taken on Thursday...probably looked like shit but what else is new.

Will invited me to a party on Monday with him but...I had already promised Courtney I'd go over there...hopefully theres another chance.

I have next week off...Im going to Cape Cod

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MELERONI!!!! [28 Jul 2004|03:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]


   <3 Midget :)

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It's only Tuesday... [18 May 2004|10:38pm]
Jessica wasn't in school today...that ruined my life
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.:*:Happy Easter:*:. [11 Apr 2004|09:25am]
[ mood | excited ]

Happy Easter!!!


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Fuck you [07 Apr 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I hate "him"

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.:*:Dance show:*:. [01 Apr 2004|04:02pm]

Dance show April 2 & 3rd at 7:30 in the WHS auditorium...

$3 for students and senior citizens

$5 for adults  ...I expect you to go!

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